James Butler

Moving his People First philosophy into Action

James, a nearly 20-year resident of the District who came in second in the Democratic primary in 2018, loves the Nation’s capital and is a champion for its residents.  James is an avid health and fitness enthusiast who runs approximately 40 miles per week and can frequently be found running the streets of the District of which he knows very well.

A Civil Rights Advocate

Holding a Juris Doctor from The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law and a Bachelor’s of Science from Kent State University, James is a fierce civil rights advocate. James, who no longer practices law, handles civil complaints before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the DC Office of Human Rights, where he vigorously defends his clients who have been discriminated against based on a broad range of civil rights violations, including race, gender, sexual orientation, and transgender identity.

ANC Commissioner

As a former ANC Commissioner, he worked tirelessly with other visionaries to massively reduce street and violent crime in the city he calls home.  The Summer Crime Prevention Initiative, during his tenure as an ANC Commissioner, helped make the District cleaner and safer for community members, demonstrating James can work effectively with community and government officials, including law enforcement.

Community Service Volunteer

As a community service volunteer for Bread for the City, the Capital Area Food Bank, and numerous other non-profit organizations, James partners with a team of dedicated volunteers and staff to provide food and other essential services, such as clothing and social services, to low-income families in Southeast, giving DC residents a hand up, not a hand out.

So Others Might Eat


James recently spearheaded a push in conjunction with So Others Might Eat (SOME) to ensure that qualified persons experiencing homelessness in the District received their federal issued government stimulus checks.  This program was a great success and provided timely check arrivals for many that would likely have not received checks or would have been delayed in receiving checks.  


An Executive Board Member

Moreover, James is an executive board member for more than a dozen organizations in the District, including the Friends of Carter Barron Foundation of the Performing Arts, where he works with the National Park Service in Ward 4 on initiatives to repair and reopen the Carter Barron Amphitheatre, a historic and national treasure damaged during the 2011 earthquake.

An Advocate for the Homeless


A fierce advocate for the homeless, James authored a bold plan to end homelessness in the District, calling for, among other things, an unprecedented commitment from churches and non-profits to adopt DC residents without homes and reducing tax abatement dollars for developers who do not provide income-based housing and redistributing those funds to combat the homeless crisis in the District.

As your next Mayor,

James will continue to put people first and, in doing so, will expand on the accomplishments he made as ANC Commissioner, taking those initiatives citywide.  However, he will not stop there. Additionally, he will partner with local leaders and community members to create new and innovative ways to make the Nation’s capital a shining example of good government in action.

When James becomes Mayor, these issues will be his top priorities:

Gun Violence and Violent Crime

His approach to gun violence and crime:

1) Label gun violence as a public health crisis

2) Implement a Gun Trafficking Interdiction Unit with the MPD

3) Work with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) to target ghost guns

4) Work with “Cure the Streets” and other organizations geared towards violence protection

5) Seek to get support of the DC Council

More details can be found here

Policing for the 21st Century

His approach to policing in DC:

1) Reimaging public safety by shifting appropriate resources away from law enforcement to community resources

2) Creating specialized divisions in our city’s police departments

3) Abolishing qualified immunity by supporting and signing a DC law

More details can be found here

Reparations for American Descendants of Slavery

These Reparations will be in the form of:

1) Cash payments to eligible recipients

2) Retention and repair of Housing and programing to obtain housing

3) Specific child care programs targeting eligible recipients

4) Public/Private organizational relationships to deliver up to the first 4 years of college free to aspiring students

5) Focused support for returning citizens to ensure their positive readjustment to full, positive citizenship 

More details can be found here

Reduced or Free Metro Transit

His approach to having reduced or free metro transit:

Under James’ leadership, he will address and solve this problem by instituting heavily subsidized low-income fare options across our transit system to better serve low-income riders who rely on it to get to work and meet their other obligations like taking their kids to childcare. 

Read more in depth here.

DC Housing

His approach to housing:

James will bring rent control to DC.  Furthermore, he will update our rent control laws to include all development, not just to buildings constructed before 1976, and he will infuse income-based housing into the new law.

James will not stop until so-called affordable housing is truly affordable.

Read more in depth here.

Homelessness in the Nation’s Capital

His approach in solving homelessness:

James will end homelessness in the District by building on the work plans that were in place between 2008 and 2010.  For example, he will eliminate tax cuts for commercial developers who do not provide income-based housing.  He believes this requirement should be a prerequisite for any commercial developer wanting to do business with the District. 

Read more in depth here.

DC Schools and Child Care

His approach to DC schools and child care:

James will end mayoral control of the District’s schools and also include subsides of childcare in the education budget.

Read more in depth here.

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